A Ripple Becomes A Wave

What Does it Mean?

Join TJ Woodward as he explores what it creates when we recognize our wholeness.

Welcome to the Movement

Embrace Your Inner Wholeness.

Life and all of its layers can influence us to believe that we are inherently broken. For centuries human beings have been domesticated to believe that who and what we are is only acceptable so long as it lines up with cultural standards. While we experience hardships, heartache, trials and troubles, there is a place deep within each and every one of us that is unharmed and unharmable.

Start Your Journey: The Time is Now

Author and Spiritual Thought Leader TJ Woodward has dedicated his life’s work to helping others recognize their inherent wholeness.  Whether you’re seeking a more consciously connected life, freedom from addiction, or the ability to manifest and consciously create the life you deserve, TJ has offerings that may help. These offerings include books, workbooks, online courses, talk series, and more.

Conscious Being

Conscious Being shows you how the circumstances of your life and what you call reality are created by your level of consciousness. It offers methods for unlearning and releasing self-limiting beliefs and the illusion of ego so you can come into alignment with an existence overflowing with compassion, love, and purpose.

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Conscious Recovery

Conscious Recovery is a groundbreaking and effective approach to viewing and treating addiction that will transform your life. Conscious Recovery moves beyond simply treating behaviors and symptoms. It focuses on the underlying root causes that drive destructive patterns, while providing clear steps for letting go of core false beliefs that lead to addiction.

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Conscious Creation

Conscious Creation is a 5-step process that enables you to embrace the life of your dreams and create a new M.O.V.I.E. for your life. It will shift your life from un-conscious creation to conscious creation. The 5 Step Process includes the following: Making Peace with the Past, Overcoming Core False Beliefs, Visioning, Intention Setting, and Embodying Your Vision.

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The Unharmable Talk Series

This series is for you if:

  • You felt overwhelmed in 2020

  • You feel like life has no meaning
  • You feel limited in life and your abilities
  • You don’t love who you are
  • You know there’s more to you than your core false beliefs
  • You feel unloved and unlovable
  • You struggle with negative self-talk
  • You feel disconnected from yourself

  • You’d like Spiritual Insight
  • You can’t seem to step out of repetitive patterns

5 Videos

Each video includes subtopics ranging from lack & limitation to recognizing repetitive patterns and more.


This series is self-paced, meaning you can take as much time as you need to digest all of the content.

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Embody + Create

The Power of Gratitude

Honoring the Self

A Deeper Look at Self-Love

Making Peace With The Past

The Power of Forgiveness

We Are Not Our Thoughts

The Role of Ego

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If you feel called to help others acknowledge their wholeness & embrace the place deep within that is unharmed and unharmable, join the movement today.  We’ll send you a starter-kit & help you transform ripples into waves.