About The Movement


TJ Woodward and Jeremy Miller became curious about why so many of their clients, friends, and colleagues, felt broken, damaged, and were carrying around core-false-beliefs that were keeping them feeling stuck.

What started as a conversation in a cafe, has become a global movement dedicated to empowering people to live the life of their dreams, starting with simply recognizing that there is a place within them that is unharmed and unharmable.

#UNHARMABLE: The Mission

TJ Woodward and Jeremy Miller are on a mission. What is that mission?

To assist people in rediscovering their inherent wholeness.

Through their own experiences of transformation, Jeremy and TJ have discovered powerful principles and practices that will help you break the agreements you have made with mediocrity, and embrace a life filled with love, passion, and purpose. 


TJ Woodward
TJ WoodwardCreator
As an inspirational speaker and educator, TJ enlightens and entertains audiences around the world. Utilizing his captivating and authentic style, he assists people in literally changing the way they exist through his informative and dynamic talks and trainings.

As an addiction treatment specialist, TJ assists treatment programs in achieving brilliant results through his program development, curriculum designing, and clinical trainings.

In 2018, he was given the distinct honor of being selected as a thought-leader on wholehearted.org along with Brene Brown, Dr. Gabor Mate, and Mark Lundholm.

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Jeremy Miller
Jeremy MillerCo-Creator
Jeremy has been in the addiction treatment field for over a decade in a multitude of roles, and is passionate about helping people needing support in mental health and addiction. In recent years, his passion for public speaking, media and PR lead him to a position in business development and marketing with Conscious Recovery.
His marketing efforts are dedicated to ensuring people receive the support they need.

Through his network of treatment professionals, Jeremy is able to truly advocate for recovery and ensure that Conscious Recovery & Unharmable are at the forefront of the industry and accessible by the general public.

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