Join The Movement

A Ripple Becomes A Wave

We are thrilled & honored that you’d like to help us spread a message of wholeness. The intention behind the movement is to inspire people to awaken to their true nature. There is an infinite being that exists in each of us that is deserving of a life filled with joy, connection, and awe.

The Unharmable Starter-Kit

Every movement starts somewhere. The #UNHARMABLE movement starts right here, right now, with YOU.  Your starter kit includes two bracelets, the #UNHARMABLE pamphlet, and instructions on how to spread the movement.  Our goal is to have these bracelets on every continent by 2022.  


The time is now, are you ready?

When you sign up for the UNHARMABLE starter kit, we’ll ship you the bracelets and pamphlet. We do charge a fee…The fee isn’t monetary. What we ask is that you keep a bracelet for yourself and give one away. You could give it to someone in your life who you recognize as UNHARMABLE. You could give it to someone who may need to hear that today. The choice is yours. We also ask that you post a photo of you wearing your bracelet on social and use the hasthtag #UNHARMABLE.


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